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You can be compensated for your so-called lost joy in life. For all pain and grief you can get a personal injury compensation . You can claim this non-material damage from the causer. This must then be liable for the accident. Claiming a fat money after accident with personal injury If you have been injured in an accident, you will not only suffer material damage. Damage that is clear in itself. An invoice or invoice can be submitted. Travel costs to the hospital, loss of income due to incapacity for work, personal contribution of medicines, adjustments in the home, etc. But in the event of an accident, there is almost always also immaterial damage. Grief and pain that make your life less enjoyable after the accident: pain during rehabilitation, shame for the amputated finger, chronic pain when standing up, fear while driving, shame for the scars that are visible, ed This immaterial damage is not so clear. No account can be taken of pain or sorrow. What amount of money should be attached to emotional damage? Claiming a fat fee after accident or incident is, therefore, less easy than claiming compensation.

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