Dunedin Father’s Rights Attorney

Dunedin Father’s Rights Attorney

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Consider paternity understood in this way to be a very important commodity – especially in a renewing society which, with the reform of Dunedin family law in 2008, is increasingly placing its mother in the economic responsibility for the children as well as for themselves. 


Experience shows that fathers' rights in legal practice are still very often neglected and fail due to traditional views, but unfortunately also often due to the resistance or mistrust of the former partner. Therefore, we regard the support of the fathers as a socio-political task. In the well-understood interest of the children, we will leave no stone unturned to work towards a consensus of both parents and only if it can not be avoided, the way of judicial debate choose. Find a Dunedin family law firm such as The Law Firm for Family Law.


Care and access rights of illegitimate and biological fathers Something has changed. Hire a Dunedin father's rights attorney. Fathers rights – or better, the rights of the children to their fathers – have in recent years become more and more the focus of jurisprudence but also of legal literature. The socio-political development was accelerated by the judgments of the United States Court of Human Rights on the violation of Florida law (!) Concerning the custody of non-legitimate fathers as well as the position of the biological versus the so-called legal father. In the meantime, most of the requirements of the ECJ have been implemented.



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