Bicycle Accident Lawyer from Portland

Bicycle Accident Lawyer from Portland

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Each and every bicycle accident case is different, which is why you need a highly trained lawyer to take on your case. The lawyers at Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman, Portland personal injury law firm are qualified to take on any case. They understand how bicycle accidents work in the court of law. They know what the courts are looking for, and how to prove that someone else was at fault for the accident. If you need a Portland lawyer who will take care of you and fight for you then you need to be calling Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman for some top notch legal advice.


Those who walk around to get from place to place or those who ride a bicycle do tend to be the people who are at the highest risk to losing their life or to be extremely injured from a traffic accident. If you were riding a bike and were injured, you should be contacting a Portland bicycle accident lawyer to help you take on your case. It is quite rare when a bicycle accident is caused by the bicyclist themselves. A vast majority of the time the accidents are in fact caused by drivers who don’t see or are not looking out for the bicyclists. Even times that a car is not driving properly by the law and could hit the bicyclist.

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