Hire a Grandparents Rights Lawyer in San Bernardino

Hire a Grandparents Rights Lawyer in San Bernardino

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It is not just the parents of a child that have rights after a divorce. More often than not when you are getting divorced you will need a San Bernardino family lawyer to help you determine a fair and reasonable amount of child custody per parent. Then from there it is up to each parent to decide how much time the grandparents get to spend with the child. In more instances than not this situation actually works out quite well. Though there are always instances which the parents might not let the grandparents see the child. This is when you need to be calling a San Bernardino grandparent’s rights lawyer.


This lawyer will know that children benefit from having their extended families in their lives and this includes grandparents. They believe that as long as the grandparents are good people who have done nothing wrong to the child in their life that they should be given the right to see their grandchild. Law Office of Joyce Holcomb are a San Bernardino family law firm who believes in grandparents’ rights. If you feel as though your grandchild is being kept from you it is very important for you to hire a lawyer to help you get those visitation rights.

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