Spousal Support Attorney in Newport Beach

Spousal Support Attorney in Newport Beach

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Spousal support/maintenance – help from The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro a family law firm in Newport Beach.

Marital content was previously known as alimony. In most jurisdictions, matrimonial support is not mandatory. However, in the event that one of the spouses is in a difficult situation and needs financial assistance, then the question of marital support may arise. According to the law, after a divorce, the standard of living of the spouses should not suffer, if one of the spouses has a lower standard of living after the divorce, the second spouse should provide him spousal support. Hiring a The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro a Newport Beach family law firm


However, the following factors are taken into account when a judge makes a decision on spousal support: The duration of the marriage. If the marriage was short (2-3 years), the court may refuse to marital support. If both spouses have a permanent job and are able to work, then the court may also refuse to provide spousal support.  Get a Newport Beach spousal support attorney. However, if the spouses voluntarily came to an agreement on spousal support, the court is not entitled to refuse them. The duration of the payment of spousal support is not strictly defined. Depending on the specific conditions in Newport Beach, it can be either a specific end date or unlimited.

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