Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Portland

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Portland

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If you are someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident or know someone close to you that has been the most important things to do are seek medical attention and hiring Portland motorcycle accident attorney. They will know exactly how to help you in this situation. You should be calling Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman a Portland located personal injury law firm. They are a law firm that has a very honest approach to their cases. They treat every client with respect and understand that getting the compensation will be the only way the client will be able to pay these bills. With that in mind they make each and every case as important as the last case.


It is extremely common for a motorcycle accident to happen in Portland because a bigger vehicle or car does not see the motorcyclist on the road. While the injuries caused were a complete accident and the driver did not mean to hit the motorcyclist. The injures still could have been avoided had the driver paid more attention. Motorcycle accidents can be avoided. Drivers need to be paying more attention to the toad, checking their blind spots before merging or turning into a new lane. They also need to be mindful and not ride the lines of a lane.

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