Long Beach Alimony Lawyer

Long Beach Alimony Lawyer

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It is a common belief that in any marriage no matter the length the marriage lasted, that someone is always entitled to alimony. This is not the case, no one is always guaranteed alimony in a divorce. Each and every divorce and alimony case in Long Beach is drastically different. Even though most of the factors are determined exactly the same there are circumstances and situations that are expectations to the rules. Not every alimony case is cut and dry which is why you want to hire The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro a family law firm in Long Beach. This law firm will be there with you to go over every option that could make sense for your case. You will have to be transparent with your attorney in order to get the best results.


Alimony is put in place to ensure that both spouses are able to continue the life they have become accustom to from the duration of their marriage. More often than not alimony is not granted for life, so these payments are made while the other spouse starts to get back on their feet and they can create this lifestyle for themselves. The Law Offices of Kyle R. Puro are a family law firm in Long Beach, who have handled countless spousal support cases during their career. This is a law firm that only handles family law matters, which means they have been helping people with alimony cases for decades. Their alimony lawyers Long Beach would love to assist you, they just ask you to be reasonable and understand that alimony is not guaranteed. They will review your information and help you figure out if you have a case worth fighting and how much alimony you can expect to get.

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