A Family Lawyer from Bluffton

A Family Lawyer from Bluffton

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What is family law?


Family law is a part of the law that handles family and more personal matters. For example, most family lawyers can handle divorce cases, alimony, child support, child custody, paternity, prenuptial agreements, and in some instances domestic violence cases as well. Call David W. Martin Law Group a Bluffton family law firm to get more insight.


Why might I need a Bluffton family lawyer?


There are many reasons why you might need to seek out the help of a family lawyer. Some common reasons include:


-You are considering getting a divorce and need legal assistance


-You are in the middle of a divorce and need help with child custody, visitation, or support issues


-You were recently divorced and need to modify an existing child custody or support order


-You are an unmarried father and want to establish paternity and obtain visitation or custody rights


-You need help enforcing a child custody or support order


-You are a victim of domestic violence and need assistance getting a restraining order or filing for divorce


What should I expect from a family lawyer in Bluffton?


When you meet with a family lawyer, he or she will likely ask you a series of questions to get a better understanding of your situation. Be prepared to answer questions about your marriage, your children, your finances, and the circumstances leading up to your need for legal assistance. David W. Martin Law Group are a family law firm based in Bluffton that are ready to assist in any family law matter.

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